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Cosa dicono di noi, Iris e Tim?

Vi ricordate di Iris e Tim, e della loro avventura che è passata per il Bosco?

Ecco cosa dicono di Noi:

Andrea, his family and his friends, or fellow activists are incredible good hosts. They warmly welcomed us, though Andreas family were going to their holidays the next day and they had therefore to pack and organise stuff. But they did the best and more; apperitif, wonderful dinner, coffee and nice and inspiring conversations etc.
About the common property project can I say, that it is, what we are looking for everywhere we are traveling and going: a place to participate with people and new ideas, and people, who want to make a difference and to have good night sleep ;). A really great grassroot revolution it is.
We found friends in Roverchiaretta and as we said, Andrea, if you guys need two pairs of hands to act, just give us a call.


E noi, di un “pair of hands” (trad: un par de mani) per aiutare ne abbiamo sempre bisogno!

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